Mary Grace Otis

Creative Communicator - Philanthropy Champion - Collaborative Leader 

Helping Nonprofits Thrive

About Me

I'm a communications gal at heart and a nonprofit fundraiser through experience and training. I love working on creative projects that tell stories and get results. Curiosity keeps me engaged in a variety of arenas. I'm globally-minded; connecting with people across the world energizes me. Working with nonprofits and do-gooders is my joy! 

How I Work

I love to brainstorm, collaborate, and facilitate discussion and ideas within a group setting with a client or team. Then we divide up the components, get work done, and regroup to compare outcomes, gather feedback, iterate, and produce a better product!  

My Strengths

I am a direct communicator who can build cross-cultural relationships through empathy and understanding. I enjoy working together to achieve hard goals! 

Strengths Finder:  1) Communication   2) Responsibility 3) Input 4) Empathy 5) Achiever

Get in Touch

Reach out if you are looking for a nonprofit consultant, writer, someone to join your team, or simply a like-minded colleague. Connect with me on LinkedIn.